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Accu-Wood Industries main production centers on the fabrication of real wood faux timbers, beams and trusses that are created to your specific design needs. These timbers can be made from almost any wood types that are used today and can look as if they are 150 years old or sleek and modern to fit today's futuristic architecture.

Accu-Wood timbers are made to suit each individual project and are produced on a made-to-order basis. We offer many different levels of distressing for that old world look, the possibilities are almost endless.

The benefits to using a faux wood timber or truss are numerous. Let's face it, there are only so many old wood timbers that are available in the world today, and finding them is becoming more and more difficult.

Benefits of Faux Wood Timber

  • The Timbers can be made from the same species of wood as your flooring, cabinetry, or millwork. This makes for a nice and consistent look to your interior.
  • All of the timbers are hollow, which allows them to be used for wiring chases that can house either lighting or speakers.
  • The timbers are very light weight because of their hollow construction. This allows them to be retro-fitted into an existing home or business with out the need for additional structural strengthening.
  • Availability of old wood is shrinking and these timbers can be distressed to look like the oldest of the old.
  • Virtually endless possibilities of sizes, shapes, colors, wood species, and applications.
  • Cost of the timbers will vary, but the costs of faux timber, beams and trusses is much less than reclaimed wood.

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